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Wednesday, 29 June 2011
abcDARIAN Made Reading Easy

Adult illiteracy comes with social stigmas that prevent many people from trying to learn how to read. The abcDARIAN is designed to discreetly help them achieve their goals. The two-sided, touch enabled device is transparent. You skim over written matter and it phonetically reads it out into an earpiece. It comes with a stylus but the most unique feature is the ability to slowdown speech feedback, just in case it’s reading too fast.

Saturday, 18 June 2011
HD Webcam PeopleLink i5

This is a great Product used for Video Conferencing, where you can just connect it to your PC and can conference any time from anywhere. This PeopleLink i5 is USB HD Webcam with 1080p wide screen resolution. And its true color HD sensor supports 720p to 1080p @ 60fps with 16:9 wide screen display. Read more...
Monday, 13 June 2011
Now its going to be an "Apple" icar by brabus.

At the intersection of high performance and cutting-edge technology is the fully customized Mercedes S600 by Brabus. Tricked out with the latest Apple gear and capable of a top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph), this miniature office on wheels is the pinnacle in luxury sedans.

So why to wait now just go and click the below link for an exciting model.

Friday, 3 June 2011
Video Conferencing Market in India

Video Conferencing is a technology which is now coming out from a limited area and started getting connected to the wide area throughout the world. Previously it used to be implemented only with in a small area and that too within a particular location but now the time has changed. The changing Technology is making a huge difference in India and with the growth the Video Conference is now possible through your personal desktops and LCD's also.

Various business organizations are looking forward for a flexible solution for their business growth now-a-days. They look for a high technology, flexible and secured VOIP Conference, and mainly opting for a Multipoint Video Conference. Many Indian business organizations are outsourcing overseas projects. Video Conference helps them to interact with the clients for projects development updates and delivery.

In India, the Video Conferencing market might be at a starting stage but the potential to grow up in the market is high as the companies are taking the conferencing options as a safe method to ensure cost cutting. Global vendors are increasing their activity in India to grow this potential. The global market for video conferencing endpoints and infrastructure was worth more than $1.6 billion in 2008, and India contributes approximately two percent to that total, i.e. Approximately $35.8 million.

There are companies who are offering High Definition Video Conferencing Software to the Indian market, like multiparty video conference, HD Telepresence or a simple Desktop Video Conference. Peoplelink is one of the best software providers in India, delivering more number of features those are affordable, reliable, secure and easy to use yielding to an effective Video Conference.

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