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Monday, 8 December 2014
End of Life for Hardware Video Conferencing

It’s time to shut the hardware based video conferencing as the industries which are relying on video communication are now switching to software based video conferencing. As the recent surveys conducted by Gartner and Wainhouse, it is evident that in mere future all hardware based video conferencing will be replaced by software solution.

Previously with hardware based video conferencing we need to purchase a codec box or MCU which are very expensive. For every end user we had to buy a different codec box and MCU to do the conferencing. If one wanted to interact with the ten different locations, he or she had to purchase ten different devices to make it happen. Today this scenario has completely changed, in software based solutions MCU is inbuilt and users can add up to 2000 locations.

Apart from inbuilt MCU’s the security, reliability and quality of the video is strategically very high in software in comparison with the hardware solution. The intervention of the H.323 gateway in HD video conferencing software is allowing the users to even connect with the existing hardware VC.

In the last 3 years itself Video collaboration industry has seen a major change with availability of bandwidth in the urban areas. With video conferencing software,  these setups have become everyday functional equipments rather than being the rarely used ornaments of the corporate Boardroom.

Software based video conferencing is already an established and trusted solution which is being used by billions of industries and business personals around the world. This solution is having timely up gradations in the technology. Today 4K technology is the most trending feature in video conferencing software, through which the quality of the video will be 4 times better than the existing Full HD resolution.

Now what are you waiting for, switch to software video conferencing and explore the latest 4k technology. 
Wednesday, 4 June 2014
Why Educational Institutes Should Have Video Conferencing Setup

Education plays a very important role in one’s life as it imparts knowledge, values and awareness. Now-a-days it is must for the overall development of a person. With the advent of technology and globalization, we have been exposed to many more avenues and careers, which has invaded the conventional education system and opened the gate for international schools and methods.  We need to be follow the international standards of education to make a bright future for students of the nation. The video conference software is the answer for impart quality education to each and everyone and to reach the international institutes without thinking of the expenses involved.

Reaching the underprivileged:
Despite the tremendous efforts of the government there are still a large number of illiterates in our society. The problem is that there are still many places which are not accessible for teachers. The government can set up video conferencing centers in the nearby towns with its different nodes in various interior regions. With this facility it is much easier for the teachers to reach the students and educate them.

Live practical classes:
The time has come to give our students the taste of the real life. Students retain the knowledge for a longer time which they have experienced themselves instead of being told. They can be taken to different parts of the world to show them the real picture, they can witness a live surgery going on in the OT, they can see the flora and fauna sitting in their class, they can share their experiences with students of other countries; all this is possible with video conferencing setup in the schools.

Foreign language classes:
In smaller cities it becomes very difficult to get a foreign language teacher and with globalization it has become necessary to learn one or two foreign languages. The best option for this is to get some online teacher. But for proper learning, classroom environment is must. Not a problem with Educational Video Conferencing at our side, we can create a virtual classroom.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014
Software Based Enterprise Video Conferencing

With the flow of technology we are able to see many changes coming across from day to day. Some in retail, some in business, engineering, manufacturing and some in other fields. As we have many sectors around, we can even see a very common change among every department in some or the other way that  every sector is making use of the technology these days to shorten the stress that you face from your manual work. And all these fields are again inter related to one another which can be collaborated through Enterprise video conferencing.

As we know that an enterprise can be any business that provides goods and services involving any commercial or financial aspects. To consider this we have the multiple sectors that we consider them as the enterprises like tourism, retailers, engineering & manufacturing, shipping, storage, finance and many other fields. The process of working in these sectors are to provide either some goods or to provide a service to the customers. 
Before making all these there are many steps being processed by each department to finalize the product or service. For doing such things communication is required for any business among all the employees working under particular departments. As known to everybody there will be many conflicts to collaborate with the people to organize or decide any work. One might have to travel to a different location or might have to review the products or might have to share any valuable information and documents. To avoid these kind of manual conflicts, there is a technology to be carried out in any enterprise that works great in all the fields. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014
The New Trends of Video Conferencing Software : A New Way Towards the Future

For almost a decade, organizations have trumpeted video conferencing as a viable way to ratchet up communication and produce a more effective environment. A decade ago, video conferencing and Telepresence systems required add-on cards inside PCs and separate cameras and integrated services digital network (ISDN) lines to function effectively. Now-a-days all these complexities have been avoided by most of the organization by endorsing the software based Video Conferencing.

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