Steps To Have A Free PeopleLink Video Conferencing Demo

If you’re ready with the Conference ID and password, you can start the video conferencing demo by following the simple steps I put down below.
  1. Open the link in the browser Internet Explorer (Works only in IE). When the site opens, just fill in the details your Conference ID and then Click the button Enter Conference. See the image.
  2. It will take you to next page; fill in the details a) Your Name or Nickname, b) password, and click the button Enter Conference. See the image.
  3. Once you click the button “Enter Conference” It will take you to the conference room. See the image and start doing conferencing.

You’ve get connected to PeopleLink’s video conferencing room now, just start doing conferencing with our experienced professional support team, who will guide you in the best and easy way to make the conference a remarkable one.


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  2. Thanyou for this tutorial, Good to see your blog again :)

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  5. @Video Conferencing Oklahoma: Thanks a lot for your comment, It was a pleasure that this post helped you. Keep checking for more updates. For more details you can check

  6. I would also like to go for this wonderful chat method..I would definitely follow all these steps..


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