PeopleLink video conferencing powered on the National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN)

Monday, 8 December 2014

It’s time to shut the hardware based video conferencing as the industries which are relying on video communication are now switching to software based video conferencing. As the recent surveys conducted by Gartner and Wainhouse, it is evident that in mere future all hardware based video conferencing will be replaced by software solution.

Previously with hardware based video conferencing we need to purchase a codec box or MCU which are very expensive. For every end user we had to buy a different codec box and MCU to do the conferencing. If one wanted to interact with the ten different locations, he or she had to purchase ten different devices to make it happen. Today this scenario has completely changed, in software based solutions MCU is inbuilt and users can add up to 2000 locations.

Apart from inbuilt MCU’s the security, reliability and quality of the video is strategically very high in software in comparison with the hardware solution. The intervention of the H.323 gateway in HD video conferencing software is allowing the users to even connect with the existing hardware VC.

In the last 3 years itself Video collaboration industry has seen a major change with availability of bandwidth in the urban areas. With video conferencing software,  these setups have become everyday functional equipments rather than being the rarely used ornaments of the corporate Boardroom.

Software based video conferencing is already an established and trusted solution which is being used by billions of industries and business personals around the world. This solution is having timely up gradations in the technology. Today 4K technology is the most trending feature in video conferencing software, through which the quality of the video will be 4 times better than the existing Full HD resolution.

Now what are you waiting for, switch to software video conferencing and explore the latest 4k technology. 


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